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Your school can make better decisions with
information that is accurate, up to date, complete,
at the right level of detail – and at your fingertips.

GO 4 Schools helps you achieve this.
It's the efficient, joined-up,
smart way to work.

What's new?

  • MIS pilot phase (autumn 2024)
  • MIS general availability (spring 2025)
  • Instant data snapshots

School improvement

Improving access to the information in your school helps everyone work more effectively.

GO 4 Schools helps you remove delays, data silos, reliance on gatekeepers and unreliable data, so your school can spend less time chasing and managing data.

You can work faster – with more confidence – to deliver the best outcomes for students.

In the classroom

Give teaching staff instant access to the latest subject and cross-curricular information, joined-up with attendance, behaviour, intervention and support plans for a 360° view of each student.

Support teaching and learning every day – and improve outcomes – by helping teachers understand the current context of each student.

At home

Support engagement with students and parents and promote productive 'no surprises' conversations by providing them with the information they need to understand where they are now, and what they need to do to progress.

Share attainment, assessment, behaviour and attendance information, deliver progress reports, set homework, and so much more – all online.

(Student access included; add Parental Engagement module for parent access.)

How do I get started?

Go at your own pace – you can start small and add what you need when your school is ready

Starter Version

Data collection, quality assurance, analysis and intervention planning – plus implementation and monitoring – all in one online system.

The Starter Version gives the whole school instant access to key information that helps improve student outcomes by informing strategy, supporting teaching and learning, and boosting engagement.

It is also the gateway to a smarter way of working with our add-on modules.

Find out more about translating data collection and analysis to action in the classroom

Add-on modules

Our add-on modules are available to help your school:

  • Improve the flow, quality and use of joined-up data
  • Boost engagement with students and parents
  • Reduce staff workload and logins, and consolidate systems

99% of our customers use our add-on modules to support their school objectives, and quite a few customers use all of them. What they love is the way the modules work together to allow the school to do more online and to deliver 'enter once, use many times'.

In many schools, teaching staff now use GO 4 Schools instead of their legacy MIS.

Find out more about how our joined-up, online modules support student outcomes


Arriving for commercial use during academic year 2024-25, the GO 4 Schools MIS will offer a smooth transition from where you are to where you want to be – using a fully-online MIS. Our MIS will:

  • Bring the benefits of the GO 4 Schools way of working to your back-office staff who manage admissions, exams, etc.
  • Help all of your staff work faster – and from home if they need to due to school closures
  • Offer a no-pain, step-by-step migration path where you gradually wind-down use of your old MIS and move more to GO 4 Schools
  • Reduce IT purchasing and maintenance costs – no server in school, no special software to keep up to date, no VPNs, and so on.

The GO 4 Schools MIS will be much more than just a 'replacement MIS' – it will change the way your school works.

Find out more

What's new?

  • Pilot phase starting autumn 2024 - General Availability in spring 2025
  • Data migration from SIMS using SIMS reports, not SIMS database backups
  • Contact us for more details

Here to help you succeed!

However you are using GO 4 Schools, you will always benefit from the superb support offered by our Education Services, Technical Support and Customer Services teams.

Many of our staff have worked in schools, where they held positions as senior or middle leaders, data managers, network managers and other support roles. We know that every school is different and we understand what your day is like which makes our CPD courses really special.

We really care about education and we are here to support you.

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