Make better decisions – faster – with  today's information

Joined-up, transparent and future proof – just as things should be

Data captures can help you check KPIs, plan interventions and share information with students and parents, but today's data is what your staff need to support students effectively. Wouldn't it be better to have both in one system to eliminate delays, maintain momentum and to reduce workload and data-transfer errors.

  • Use one system to quickly collect and quality assure attainment and progress information, analyse it by cohort, subject, class and focus group – and triangulate it with attendance and behaviour – to identify students who need more support, and the type of support they need
  • Use the same system to provide staff with instant, up-to-date attainment, progress, attendance and behaviour information about their classes and individual students, including the very latest information about interventions and individual support plans
  • Use live data in the system to monitor the impact of interventions between data captures so you can respond and adapt if necessary
  • Save even more time by using the same information to produce great-looking, printable PDF reports for parents carrying your school's branding

Clear, consistent and appropriate language underpins collaboration in school and communication with students and parents. We work with over 350 schools, and we know that every school is different…

  • Establish and reinforce the language your school uses, e.g. for different types of grade
  • Define custom measures of attainment and progress at KS1-KS3 – down to individual subjects if necessary
  • Define colour-coded residual/progress schemes to simplify analysis, interpretation and communication
  • Tailor the language for students and parents, whether viewed by students online or parents in progress-check PDFs
  • Use school-defined focus groups help you to analyse data and tag students for specific support
  • Reorganise classes and rename subjects in the nightly data from your MIS to reflect your curriculum accurately, e.g. to split English into Language and Literature, or to add extra-curricular subjects

Statistics and analysis can help you identify students that need more support, but your teaching staff need a clear, joined-up, 360° view of a student to know how best to help them today.

  • Year-group focussed KPI dashboards to show trends over time
  • Triangulate cross-curriculum attainment and progress with attendance and behaviour data
  • Drill down and filter using focus group information, prior attainment, and more in interactive ribbons, charts and 'explorer' views
  • Understand each individual student's context using demographic data, literacy and numeracy levels, SEND information, their EHCP, and medical notes
  • View quick notes and even contact details for parents if you need to call them

Different staff need different data to work effectively, and different people like to work with data in different ways. GO 4 Schools helps you get the most from your school's data – online. Its the ultimate in 'Enter once – use many times'.

  • Built-in statistics and analyses for year groups and subjects
  • Class and teacher focussed views – to reduce workload and help staff focus on their students
  • Grade distributions, threshold measures, interactive ribbons and charts – with the option to drill-down to the underlying students and data there and then
  • Postcard views – to help staff put student faces to names, e.g. for interventions
  • Powerful and flexible 'data explorers' – for those who like working with data directly, plus CSV downloads for those that still want to use spreadsheets, and an API for those who want to automate data transfers to others systems
  • Clear student-focussed view to help everyone – you, your teaching staff, your SENCO, your support staff – understand a student's context when supporting them or talking to their parents

Keep all staff informed to ensure they have the information they need to make the right decisions towards the school's goals.

  • Make key information available to staff online so everyone can use it to inform their decisions
  • Self-service access via a web browser – in a meeting or in the classroom – in seconds
  • Support quality control and accuracy to help you make decisions with confidence
  • Support collaboration between teams so the school can work as a whole
  • KPI dashboards for MATs and executive teams to share trends, successes and opportunities

'Joined-up', 'reduced workload' and 'enter-once use-many' feature in many school improvement plans. The Starter Version actually helps you deliver these, but for 99% of our customers it is just the start of their journey.

  • Markbooks – make the collection and sharing of meaningful assessment information a breeze
  • Behaviour – record rewards and sanctions online in seconds
  • Attendance – take session and lesson registers online in seconds
  • Homework – deliver on your school's home learning policy with easy-to-use, flexible, online homework
  • Progress reports – complete progress reports online with no fuss
  • Seating plans – online, drag-and-drop seating plans with all key data about the students in a class
  • Parental engagement – Share key data such as attainment, attendance and behaviour online, including progress reports
  • Mobile App – Let students and parents access the information they need on their preferred device

Want to know what else makes us different?

We help your whole school work more efficiently

No – but don't get us wrong – data collection and analysis is definitely part of what we do.

They are hugely important parts of the cycle (and we help you do them more efficiently, including triangulation of attainment and progress with attendance and behaviour), but it is what your school then does to improve student outcomes that really counts. And that's where we come into our own by helping you complete the cycle.

The teaching and learning that happens between data collections is what has the impact. We help you make the information staff need to help students – current and prior attainment, progress, attendance, behaviour, specific support plans and documents – available to them in an instant for each cohort, subject, teaching group and student.

And of course, you can use our Add-on modules to streamline your staff's daily activities such as recording behaviour and attendance as well as interim assessment information.

GO 4 Schools is for the whole school – it isn't just for a few staff a few times a year.

In fact, 60% of staff at GO 4 Schools schools log in every working day, and 75% log in each week.

And all GO 4 Schools subscriptions include login for all students when you're ready. After all, it is their attainment, progress, attendance and behaviour data. Schools tell us that students love being able to see it – which supports engagement – and that they are very quick to spot errors, which helps keep your data accurate. It's win-win.

Right now, GO 4 Schools works alongside your MIS. Our data extraction tool automatically extracts key data from your MIS and sends it to us securely each day. You don't have to worry about out of date class-lists, missing students, leavers or new starters.

For many of our customers with add-on modules, teaching staff now use GO 4 Schools instead of their MIS. Everything their teaching staff need is made available online through GO 4 Schools and only back-office staff access their MIS. That means fewer-updates to staff laptops, opens the door to using lower-spec and cheaper laptops, and allows teaching staff to work from home if the situation demands it just by logging on to GO 4 Schools.

And soon, GO 4 Schools will provide an option to replace your legacy MIS entirely, with a full, online MIS.

GO 4 Schools is cloud-based, and that is the future of most IT systems. And this is why:

  • Simplified access – Staff just need a web browser, wherever they are working, and can get to the information they need in seconds.
  • Responsive – we are continuously adapting the system to meet the changing landscape in education, and you get the benefit of updates immediately – you don't have to wait for a termly update.
  • High-availability – we can avoid 'single points of failure' which means our up-time exceeds 99.97% over the last 12 months, and we expect it to keep rising.
  • High-performance – we can 'turn up' the performance of the system as our customers do more and more in GO 4 Schools and less and less in their legacy systems. This means we can keep the system responsive for you. Our average page load time is just over 1 second even when we are serving 100,000s pages per hour.
  • Data security – Your data is held securely in the cloud, and we take care of the data backups for you too. That's safer than having your data in school on a server that could fail, be stolen or suffer from flood or fire.
  • Simplified IT infrastructure and reduced costs – using fast and lightweight web access rather than 'heavyweight' legacy applications is easier for staff and for your network team. Many of our customers use our add-on modules and use GO 4 Schools instead of their legacy MIS for all teaching staff. That allows the use of lower-cost devices for them and means less legacy software for the network team to keep up to date.

Yes it is.

Access is possible using an encrypted connection only, and we offer Single-Sign-On (for students and staff) from a Windows network within school for convenience.

GO 4 Schools is fully GDPR compliant, and by encouraging staff to work with data online rather than downloading it into spreadsheets and carrying it around on USB drives, it can help you can reduce your exposure to data breaches too.

You're planning for your future. So are we…

Go at your own pace – introduce change at a pace that works for your school

Many schools start their GO 4 Schools experience with the Starter version, plus the Markbooks , Progress reports and Parental engagement modules.

They often add more modules when the time is right.

The beauty of our approach is that you can go at your own pace – there is no big overnight change, no big training load.

This approach applies to our MIS too – which will offer a seamless transition for your staff.

The complete GO 4 Schools family

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