School improvement

The efficiency of our Attendance module reduces staff workload and helps you spend more time dealing with attendance issues and less time identifying them.

Fewer lates and fewer missed lessons means less disruption to the learning of all students.

In the classroom

Staff can save time every day with our online registers, and outcomes for all students benefit when fewer lessons are disrupted by lateness.

Giving staff instant access to broader attendance information helps everyone work together to keep on top of issues.

At home

Sharing detail supports informed 'no surprises' conversations about attendance and lateness, and the impact they have on learning.

You can also send notifications about absence and lateness using our Mobile App or SMS.

(Student access included; add Parental Engagement module for parent access.)

A smarter way of working

Better data, faster, leads to better decisions

Every GO 4 Shools subscription includes summary session attendance data from your MIS. This helps you quickly triangulate attainment and progress against attendance and plan appropriate interventions. You can share it with students – and parents too with our Parental Engagement module.

But our attendance module takes it to the next level with instant online analysis of attendance data and options for recording session and lesson attendance online too. Everything is online and joined-up to help you work faster and more accurately.

Efficient – For your teachers

  • Access and take session and lesson registers online in seconds – and record minutes late and notes – with a PC, Mac, Chromebook or tablet
  • Access to student photos to help cover staff
  • Instantly check and see patterns in attendance without reliance on the Attendance Officer
  • See session and lesson attendance summaries alongside attainment and behaviour in markbook 'popouts', seating plans and data explorers
  • Compare student attendance in your subject to their overall attendance

Efficient – For your attendance officers

  • Instant reports on un-started/incomplete registers and on late/absent students
  • Set up special registers, e.g. for buses, to make handling of late arrivals easy and acccurate
  • Support for alias attendance marks, such as peripatetic music lessons
  • Support for protected marks and marks restricted to attendance officers
  • Instantly updated fire registers
  • Automatic write-back of session marks to SIMS

Efficient – For planning and monitoring interventions

  • Triangulate attendance with behaviour and attainment
  • View trends by year group, registration group, and school-defined focus groups such as vulnerable students
  • Define attendance bands by percentage to support differentiated and focussed interventions
  • Instantly view attendance and persistent absence trends for students to assess the impact of your interventions
  • Drill down to a heat map for each student to see recurring patterns of daily absence

Joined up – With home

  • Choose whether to share just headline attendance information or down-to-the-mark detail with parents and students
  • Specific reporting on late marks supports efforts to reduce the disruption they cause to other students
  • Use the attendance heat map to reveal recurring patterns of absence and to support transparent conversations
  • Compare attendance in each subject to support discussions about the impact of absence on learning
  • Send notifications about absence and lateness using our Mobile App or SMS

Find your level

Which option works for your school?

Tier 1 – A huge help to any school

Tier 1 brings you:

  • Extraction of detailed session and lesson attendance data from your MIS for viewing online by staff and students – and parents too, if you have subscribed to the Parental Engagement module
  • Powerful online analysis of session marks, including persistent absence analysis, weekly trends for different types of mark, analysis of year groups, key stages, demographic groups and school-defined groups
  • Customisable attendance bands and student grouping to support the planning and monitoring of interventions
  • Heat maps for individual students to reveal patterns of absence or lateness
  • The ability to include lesson mark summaries in KS5 progress reports

Tier 2 – Ideal for special or primary schools

Tier 2 extends the analysis and flexibility of Tier 1 and adds:

  • Fast, convenient, online recording of session attendance marks which are automatically written back to your MIS for your school census
  • Facilities to help attendance officers keep on top of attendance, such as reports on unstarted/incomplete registers and a fire register
  • 'Special registers' for recording attendance quickly and easily for custom groups of students, such as those arriving on a specific bus or on a school trip
  • The ability to send notifications about lateness or absence to parents via our Mobile App, SMS or email

(Currently available only if you use SIMS as your MIS.)

Tier 3 – Ideal for mainstream secondary schools

Tier 3 brings the features of Tier 2 and adds support for lesson attendance:

  • Fast, convenient, online recording of lesson attendance marks
  • The ability to include lesson mark summaries in KS5 progress reports
  • Facilities to help attendance officers identify mismatches between session and lesson marks
  • Lesson attendance data in our 'explorers'
  • Lesson attendance analysis for students, such as in markbooks

With Tier 3, you end up with a single online system for recording and analysing all of your school's attendance data.

(Currently available only if you use SIMS as your MIS.)

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