School improvement

The single most effective strategy to improve classroom behaviour is to have a good seating plan.

Support school strategy and save your staff time by making key information available to them online, in the context of their classrooms.

In the classroom

Help your teachers make informed decisions that have a direct impact on teaching planning and delivery.

Provide them with a 360° view, including key school and subject level data including progress, attendance, behaviour and support plans.

A smarter way of working

Better data, faster, leads to better decisions

Help staff to help students – In the classroom

  • Simple drag and drop interface for assigning students to seats or moving them as the situation requires
  • Support tailored teaching strategies with rich, up-to-date seating plans that can include indicators for individual support plans and SEND provision
  • Develop effective behaviour for learning to minimise disruption
  • Give cover staff a head start with student photos in seating plans
  • Staff can adjust the data they see – and how it is presented – to meet their own needs
  • Multiple seating plans can be created for a class to enhance different learning activities, e.g. practical and theory lessons

Efficient – Enter once, use and re-use

Support efficient classroom management with today's data.

  • I want to sit students with stronger Maths together for this strand of the course. How are they doing in that subject?
  • Do I need to seat any students apart because of behaviour interventions?
  • A new student has joined my group – I need to check their SEND status, etc, before deciding where to seat them
  • I'm a cover teacher – show student photos so I know who should sit where
  • I'm on a learning walk with an iPad. I want to check on a couple of focus students. Where are they sitting?
  • Printable on A3 or A4 – in colour or black and white – if you want a hardcopy you can annotate

Each student in a seating plan is displayed with your school's choice of key data, but also provides instant access to a more detailed view of data in GO 4 Schools in just one click.

Simple to set up

  • Define whole-school data sets to reflect your school's priorities, e.g. behaviour, academic, or attendance interventions, school focus groups, SEND, support plans, etc
  • Tailor the data shown by key stage, year group and subject to meet the needs of your progress and subject leaders to support curriculum delivery
  • Sensitive data is hidden by default to avoid accidental disclosure
  • Create rooms and a library of common room layouts centrally to save staff time
  • Create room layouts and datasets for special situations, e.g. exam numbers and student photos for exams, or Ofsted-based quality assurance data sets

Simple to maintain

  • Data pulled from other GO 4 Schools modules is always live and up to date
  • New starters and leavers are handled automatically, and there is no need to do any exporting and importing
  • Monitor the creation of seating plans to ensure you can get the most from learning walks

The complete GO 4 Schools family

Do more with GO 4 Schools – Save time – Save money – Reduce staff logins

Build a one-stop solution – Reduce workload and improve outcomes

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