School improvement

Support your curriculum and help your staff deliver on your school's home learning policy with easy-to-use, flexible tools for setting and tracking homework.

Easily check the frequency, consistency and quality of homework across all subjects.

In the classroom

Create, share, use and re-use quality assured homework to reinforce specific skills and knowledge learned in the classroom.

Support and engage in student well-being by instantly checking your class's homework load across the curriculum.

At home

Provide a joined-up experience for students, and help parents gain a better understanding of what their children are learning and what they can do to support them.

Sharing details supports informed 'no surprises' conversations about homework and how it contributes to learning.

(Student access included; add Parental Engagement module for parent access.)

A smarter way of working

Better data, faster, leads to better decisions

Efficient – For your teachers

  • Set homework from a school-defined, quality-assured scheme of learning
  • Quickly create tailored or ad hoc tasks of your own
  • Attach resources or link to online content
  • Easily differentiate homework for individual students where necessary
  • Set due dates and provide guidance on suitable time to spend on each piece of homework to assist student organisation
  • Set up homework in advance which appears to students automatically as the school year progresses
  • Set additional assignments, catch-up work, challenges, revision materials or longer-term projects at any time to support your curriculum plans
  • Key homeworks can be linked straight into GO 4 Schools markbooks

Efficient – For quality assurance

  • Strategically develop quality-assured homework schemes of learning that engage students and reinforce learning in lessons
  • Monitoring tools support conversations at all levels about patterns of homework for subjects and groups
  • Check for consistency within and between subjects and the overall homework load for students
  • Choose between flexible options for tracking completion of homework by students to reduce staff workload

Joined up – With home

Parents and students can access homework in the system they use for progress, behaviour and reports, and more too, if you wish.

  • Students and parents can easily see what homework has been set, when it is due, and when it is done
  • Promote responsibility – students can mark homework as 'Done' to help them manage and complete homework effectively
  • Students and parents can receive timely reminders about homework set and homework due
  • Provide extended access to students via our Mobile App – great where there is limited access to a PC or laptop at home

The complete GO 4 Schools family

Do more with GO 4 Schools – Save time – Save money – Reduce staff logins

Build a one-stop solution – Reduce workload and improve outcomes

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