School improvement

As the importance of laptops and desktops falls – especially in disadvantaged families – our Mobile App helps you reach more parents in a way that not only suits them but removes the headache when they switch phone numbers.

In the classroom

Support teaching by helping students be better prepared for learning and better organised using the timetable, progress and homework options in the Mobile App.

At home

Give students and parents the same convenient view of what is going on in school with the GO 4 Schools Mobile App. They get the information they need, at their fingertips.

(Student access included; add Parental Engagement module for parent access.)

A smarter way of working

Better data, faster, leads to better decisions

Joined up – With home

Parents have answers at their fingertips:

  • Timetable for planning – Is my child ready to learn?
  • Homework – What's due today? Tomorrow? Automatic reminders help students stay organised
  • How are they doing in Maths?
  • How has behaviour been today?
  • How many times has my child been late to school?
  • Easily check messages and switch between students

(Student access included; add Parental Engagement module for parent access.)

Start simple

Key information from the GO 4 Schools Starter version can be displayed in the Mobile App:

  • Timetable – what's now, what's next, and what's on tomorrow
  • Attendance – key measures, including number of absences and lates
  • Headline grades and progress indicators – working grades, targets, predicted grades and residuals
  • Online inbox – messages from school
  • Free push notifications with option to fallback to SMS or email for parents without the App

Add more when you're ready

Give parents a clearer picture, improve communication and support the development of organisational skills of your students as you add other GO 4 Schools modules:

  • Attendance – push notifications to parents about lates and absences
  • Behaviour – individual event details, plus push notifications about detentions
  • Homework – task details and resources, plus reminders via automatic push notifications

The complete GO 4 Schools family

Do more with GO 4 Schools – Save time – Save money – Reduce staff logins

Build a one-stop solution – Reduce workload and improve outcomes

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