School improvement

Embed your school's behaviour policy across the school – and promote consistency – by providing staff with the means to quickly and easily record and view rewards and sanctions online for groups and individuals.

In the classroom

Rewarding positive behaviour and identifying low-level disruption are key priorities in many school behaviour policies. It is easier said than done. In a busy classroom, the right tools make all the difference.

At home

Keep students and parents informed about the student's behaviour choices at school – whether it is an individual event or a pattern.

(Student access included; add Parental Engagement module for parent access.)

A smarter way of working

Better data, faster, leads to better decisions

Efficient – For your teachers

Staff can record and manage behaviour in the same system they use for recording attendance, assessment and homework, meaning fewer logins for them and less wasted time.

  • Record rewards and sanctions online in seconds – for individuals or groups – and fill in details later if necessary
  • Quickly see your list of outstanding actions so follow-ups are not missed
  • Triangulate behaviour with attainment and attendance in markbook pop-outs
  • See trends for a student and a summary of events in seconds to support discussions in tutor periods
  • See live behaviour information in Seating plans

Efficient – Higher-level behaviour management

Take control of your school's behaviour data:

  • Instantly view summaries, trend lines and other analyses for year groups, subjects, focus groups, and so on, over your choice of time frame
  • Tag students, e.g. for friendship groups, to help plan and monitor the impact of interventions
  • Drill-down to see behaviour trends and events for an individual student, including a breakdown by subject and event type
  • Instantly view the full details of all behaviour and detention events for a student to support conversations with students, their parents or for a case meeting

Efficient – Integrated detention management

  • Define a timetable of detention sessions including room and supervisor details, and copy it from week to week as required
  • Assign students with detentions to suitable sessions
  • Take registers for sessions to support safeguarding and record completion of the detention
  • Send detention notifications to parents and students via email or Mobile App notifications
  • Parents and students can access detention details online

Joined up – With home

  • Avoid surprises by keeping parents informed about their child's behaviour choices at school
  • Trends over time and summaries of behaviour by type and subject help make patterns clear
  • Share details of positive as well as challenging behaviour
  • Send daily or weekly behaviour summary emails to support engagement
  • Communicate detention details and reminders via the Mobile App or email
  • Promote independence and responsibility by encouraging students to access their behaviour via their own home page or our Mobile App
  • Help parents understand the link between behaviour and attainment

Flexible – Because every school is different

  • Define your own types of behaviour events and tailor the language used when displaying them to students and parents
  • Assign point scores, or use zero points when recording notes from a behaviour discussion with students and parents
  • Promote consistency between staff – and over time – with guidance on appropriate responses to each type of event
  • Restrict specific types of behaviour event to senior staff, pastoral leaders or curriculum leaders
  • Define automatic email alerts to individuals or distribution lists for immediate notifications – e.g. for students on red cards or reports
  • Set-up and deliver school-wide detention sessions with registers to support safeguarding

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