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All additional modules provide schools with options of how to proactively record and track a range of useful information that informs decisive decision making and supports the safety of staff and students during the COVID‑19 pandemic.

Whether schools are in lockdown or managing a proportion of their school roll in school and/or remotely, the resources and example set up guidance enables you to choose the best approach for your school, staff and students.

We are also offering short term subscriptions on a range of modules until April 2021.

Online markbooks and COVID-19

  • Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) capture – In 2020 we provided a marksheet specifically for the collection of CAGs with the functionality to view all subject group assessments in a single markbook, with the ability to sort and capture the rank order of the results. A single download for all subject data also helped with the reporting of grades to the Awarding Bodies. We know from feedback that these features reduced the time and stress in the collation of data for the summer 2020 exam series.
  • COVID monitoring of remote learning – sample markbooks are available if you need to track engagement with remote learning across your curriculum. Assessment may look different currently, but our markbooks ensure teachers can record key assessments completed and quickly see the impact of this on student progress. This helps teachers adjust the support for those students who are falling behind or provide work that reinforces learning.
  • Sample markbooks – sample GCSE and A level exam papers in a QLA format for evidence-based assessment tracking that builds a picture of students' understanding of key topics. Our markbooks are customisable to your school's individual approach to assessment and collation of evidence to support teacher assessment for the 2021 exam series.

Collect and share assessments to support teaching and learning
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Behaviour and COVID-19

  • Track remote learning – use behaviour events to quickly record group engagement during remote learning lessons, both positive and negative. Our behaviour outputs allow for the quick identification of patterns developing so that interventions can be applied quickly and effectively.
  • Recording concerns – Use neutral events to easily record concerns raised by staff so these can be actioned swiftly, events linked to positive COVID-19 cases or technological barriers can be easily recorded and monitored.

Consistent, efficient, online recording of rewards and sanctions
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Attendance and COVID-19

  • Attendance reporting – providing an easy-to-use attendance download for your school's daily reporting to the DfE of vulnerable and critical worker children's attendance. We always keep this updated in line with attendance code updates and statutory changes during the pandemic.
  • Attendance recording – supporting schools to use alias codes for recording and monitoring remote lesson attendance so they can swiftly act where there are concerns.
  • Special registers – can be created to record attendance for smaller group bubbles and critical worker groups in school during lockdown, making is easier for your staff to record and monitor attendance of specific focus groups.

Record and monitor online – saving time for your staff every day
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Homework and COVID-19

  • Task setting for remote learning – the homework module can be accessed online or via our mobile app. Schools using Google and Microsoft 365 for setting remote learning tasks can ensure that parents can also view homework by adding set tasks to our homework module. Using web addresses linked to your preferred remote learning platform, tasks are shared with parents who can see the completion status marked by the student and the teacher tracking of completed work.
  • Assess key tasks – it is important that high quality remote learning tasks are assessed to inform both the learner and the teacher of student understanding and knowledge. Link tasks to GO 4 Schools markbooks and record assessment data, even provide formative feedback if needed. Keep students and parents fully informed of how and what can be improved.

Simple, efficient setting and tracking of homework
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Seating plans and COVID-19

  • Seating plans – use our seating plans to ensure students remain socially distanced within their bubbles and to track and trace proximity when positive COVID test results become known. Help keep your staff and your students safe.

Supporting learning in the classroom has never been easier
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Progress reports and COVID-19

  • Online reporting – inform parents about progress and engagement or completion of work via our online reports that link directly to your online markbooks. Use comment banks or written statements to keep parents informed of key areas to address in student's learning.
  • Individual reporting – send online written reports for your most vulnerable SEND students with comments to support parents with home learning and clear targets for students for core areas of the curriculum.

Great-looking progress reports – without the pain
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Parental engagement and COVID-19

  • Updated NEW parent site – sharing key information with parents and students via the student and parent site. Student's timetable, completion of homework, assessments and attendance to online lessons is communicated live with home.
  • Communication – enable built-in emails from our modules – plus ad-hoc emails and SMS – with our Parental Engagement module.

Promote engagement using today's information
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Mobile App and COVID-19

  • Easily accessible – linked to our homework module the mobile app enables students to quickly access remote learning tasks. Marking tasks as 'Done' can be viewed by both parents and teachers and helps students with their organisation and structuring their study time.
  • Notifications – information regarding new Homework tasks, behaviour and ad-hoc messaging can be sent directly to the mobile app to ensure parents are regularly updated.

Boost engagement with parents and students
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The GO 4 Schools add‑on modules

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