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If you are a student or a parent looking for help with the GO 4 Schools Mobile App please start with our FAQ page

Mobile App

Simple, efficient communication of key information to students and parents via their preferred means of communication

The GO 4 Schools Mobile App simplifies and encourages the flow of information between school and home from one convenient place. Communicating with parents and ensuring students are up-to-date has never been easier or more reliable.

Why use a Mobile App?
Smartphones continue to be the most widely owned device and the most popular and important device for all socio-economic groups to access the internet. A statistic that’s especially growing for disadvantaged families whilst the importance of laptops and desktops to these groups falls. The smartphone dominance also impacts on the use of mobile apps with adults opening their favourite apps on average 13 times every day*.
The new GO 4 Schools App enables you to reach even more parents by engaging with them in a way that not only suits them but removes the headache when they switch contracts and phone numbers. *Ofcom Communications Market Report 2017

Key features and benefits:

  • Student timetable – support organisational skills and cut down on forgotten kit or equipment.
  • Homework summary and details – to allow students and parents to see what is coming up and to access details of homework and linked resources.
  • Attendance statistics – to help celebrate good attendance, but also to make sure absences and problems with punctuality are clearly communicated, to facilitate their discussion.
  • Behaviour summary and details – to allow students and parents to see patterns of behaviour and to provide access to the details of behaviour events to facilitate their discussion.
  • Coming soon - Attainment and progress – make sure that everyone knows what a student is working towards and how they are progressing in each subject.
  • School contact details – to help parents contact the school.
  • Support for guest students and students with dual registration.
  • Support for parents with multiple students at the same school and/or students at different schools.

Push notifications

  • Homework – to nudge students (and inform parents) of what is due tomorrow, this week, etc.
  • Online inbox – All notifications are logged in the student/parent’s online inbox (in the student/parent websites) so they can always access them and you can check what has been sent to who.
  • Coming soon - Attendance – notify parents about late and/or absent students to prompt them to contact you when their child is late, or to explain reasons for absence.
  • Behaviour – to help celebrate positive behaviour and be aware of challenges so they can be identified and addressed before they become serious.
  • Parents and students can control their notification settings via the website, but they need your approval to opt out of receiving notifications that you send them about absences.

Additional functionality coming soon

  • Access to headline grades from reporting cycles.*
  • Detailed assessment information, if you are using the GO 4 Schools Online markbooks module.
  • Display of the student’s attendance ‘heat map’, to show their attendance for the sessions in the week (Mon-Fri, AM/PM).*
  • Access to exam results, in case students can’t attend school on results day.*
  • Ad hoc ‘push’ notifications to selected students and parents.
* Available already via the student/parent web sites.

Using the Mobile App with the Starter version of GO 4 Schools allows all students to log in via the App once you have enabled it for them. Adding the GO 4 Schools Parental engagement module with the App allows you to provide access to parents via the App too.


Watch a video showing the Mobile App in action



GO 4 Schools is supplied as a managed service, charged annually. The annual price depends on the size of your school and the modules you select. You can read more about pricing on our Pricing page, or contact us using the GO 4 Schools enquiry form.


Links to other GO 4 Schools modules

The Mobile App provides instant access to real-time information held in the ‘core’ of GO 4 Schools and in other modules that you may have added to your subscription:

  • Student headline grades, timetables and summary attendance information are all available via the core functionality provided with the Starter version of GO 4 Schools.
  • Summary behaviour information and details of individual events are available if you are using the GO4 Schools Behaviour module. (Notifications for detentions is coming soon.)
  • Information about upcoming and completed homework is available if you are using the GO 4 Schools Homework module

Download the App

The GO 4 Schools App is free for students and parents to download, but they will not be able to log in unless your school has a current GO 4 Schools subscription that includes the App, and you have granted them access. The App uses the same login details (email address and password) that they use for the student/parent areas of the GO 4 Schools web site.

The App must be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store. It is compatible with Android 4.4 upwards and with iOS 10 upwards.