School improvement

Enhance understanding of live assessment data with regular summative progress reports.

Our Progress reports module was built from scratch to help your school deliver high-quality written reports – with seamless data integration – to parents efficiently and cost‑effectively.

In the classroom

Hugely popular with teachers, our reports module enables them to write reports quickly and accurately from work or from home.

For your teaching staff, the progress reports module is all about delivering better reports with less effort.

At home

Provide parents and students with great-looking, high-quality written progress reports that can show progress, attitude and attendance  over time.

Easily monitor which parents have viewed reports so you can follow up as necessary.

A smarter way of working

Better data, faster, leads to better decisions

Efficient – For your teachers

  • Headline grades flow into reports automatically – using assessment data as evidence if you use the markbooks module
  • Comment banks help deliver personalised comments and can be tailored for subjects and specific year groups to ensure variation over time
  • The tutor view helps tutors write comments that are in tune with comments from across the student's curriculum
  • Built-in spell-checker, online reviewing and correction lets everyone work quickly and accurately
  • Work on reports online – even if the school is closed

Efficient – For quality assurance

  • Share details of your reporting cycles with staff from the start of the year, with clear start and due dates to ensure you hit deadlines
  • Include/exclude specific students and/or subjects from a report, e.g. a new starter or students in Catch-up Maths
  • Set up quality-assured comment banks
  • Centrally monitor progress of entry, checking and completion by teaching group and teacher
  • Built-in monitoring by tutors and/or middle leaders helps you make sure nothing has stalled or been missed
  • Work as a team to quickly review and flag/approve reports online
  • Work on reports online – even if the school is closed
  • Track which parents have read them, and when

Joined up – With home

  • Help students and parents see progress over time and understand what they can do to improve
  • Embed previous report data in the latest report to support conversations with students and parents
  • Publish online to parents to save on consumables and postage, and measure parental engagement
  • Parents can view reports as web pages or print great-looking PDFs at home
  • Ensure parents never miss a report again – we flag unread reports to parents when they log in and you can send notifications for newly-published reports by email
  • Print and post reports for parents who have limited online access or who do not engage with the school

(Student access included. Parental engagement module required for parent access.)

Flexible – Because every school is different

  • Include academic information, e.g. headline grades, coloured residual bands and subject descriptions
  • Include school-defined report options such as attitude to learning, effort, etc.
  • Hide or show pastoral information such as attendance and behaviour as required
  • Include lesson attendance data in KS5 reports if you use Tier 1 or Tier 3 attendance
  • Use comment banks and/or free-text comments for written reports
  • Customisable templates deliver high-quality reports with your school branding, logo, etc, embedded

Our reports offer a huge amount of flexibility, so we have include three examples here to give you a flavour of what is possible:

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