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Continuing Professional Development

Accelerate improvement – support and development for more effective use of data

The GO 4 Schools Education Services Team offer a range of tailored initial training and CPD for schools to ensure the management and set-up of GO 4 Schools is aligned to the school's working practices and data requirements. The in-house team consists of ex-senior leaders and an experienced data manager who have recently worked in a range of schools who fully understand the challenges faced by schools in a changing education environment. Our expertise is based on a collaborative understanding of schools' policies and priorities are then giving the best advice in the application of GO 4 Schools.

Options are available, from a range of training packages to bespoke consultancy suitable for:

  • Schools who are extending their application of GO 4 Schools including the purchase of new modules.
  • Induction for new staff who are key to managing data within the school e.g. Data managers, SLT.
  • Update training for new functionality in GO 4 Schools for a range of staff.
  • Refresher training for schools who wish to progress their implementation of GO 4 Schools.
  • Health check and review of your use of GO 4 Schools followed by advisory support and training.

School-based training offers

Type Details Typical Duration
Initial training For new schools to set-up the management and additional modules purchased. Usually offered as a split session for a core data team and markbook set-up with curriculum leaders. 3½ hrs
Full GO 4 Schools implementation For schools who purchase ALL modules we advise a staged approach to implementation: 1 x initial training + 1 x additional training. Focus for longer subscriptions and larger schools - 6 month time frame for additional training session to be booked at time of install. 2 sessions both 3½ hrs
Additional training For further implementation training and support – booked at any time. Suitable for refresher and induction training on a 1:1 or small group basis. 3½ hrs
CPD - Focused training Life without Levels and new features update to ensure your school are maximising the full range of functionality within GO 4 Schools. Also bookable for bespoke training based on a school's priorities. For more details, see the Life without Levels PDF. 2½ hrs
Module training Offered as a remote session for up to an hour to support new modules. 30-60 minutes
Consultancy support Custom training and support offered for smaller schools, primary schools or a bespoke approach specific to your school's needs. As required

Training requirements are discussed at the time of booking so we can ensure your time is used for maximum impact and the agenda is tailored to the school's priorities. A Health Check on your set-up and implementation of GO 4 Schools can also ensure you are maximising your use of data to impact on school improvement. To book further training or for more information contact or use our contact page.

In-house training offers

As the complexity of school information management changes and the functionality of GO 4 Schools is updated to reflect national school performance data, we want to ensure that you and your staff have access to the most relevant and timely data for your school, as well as the tools and skills to track and analyse this information effectively. We have therefore developed a series of in-house training sessions aimed at Data Managers and those who have the main responsibility for managing the day to day information and set up of GO 4 Schools. Our Data Manager training sessions are designed specifically to support and develop key staff in the management and implementation of GO 4 Schools:

  • Induction training is for those who are new in post and need an introduction to the management settings and analysis tools in GO 4 Schools.
  • Refresher training is for those who have some experience of using GO 4 Schools but would like an update on new functionality and educational updates to ensure they are maximising their use of school data.

CPD booking form

Event name Date(s) Who should attend Topics to cover
Cost: Delegate 1 £120, Delegate 2 £60. Location: GO 4 Schools Office, Histon, Cambridge
Start of academic year process 09/07/2018 17/07/2018 Data Managers or main School Manager for GO 4 Schools. KS2/baseline data, uploading targets, copying markbooks, student attributes.
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Analysing data in GO 4 Schools 21/06/2018 12/07/2018 Data Managers or main School Manager for GO 4 Schools or SLT. Student attributes, key statistics, using ribbons effectively, explorers and charts.
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Markbooks 05/06/2018 27/06/2018 Data Managers or main School Manager for GO 4 Schools or SLT. Overview of markbooks, creating markbooks, combining assessments, using internal grading schemes and assessment schemes, higher and foundation, scaling, and using markbooks for recording extra-curricular activities.
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End of year process 19/06/2018 05/07/2018 20/07/2018 Data Managers or main School Manager for GO 4 Schools. Preparing for exam analysis, locked subjects, group management tool, student attributes and focus groups.
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Behaviour 03/05/2018 Data Managers or persons responsible for Behaviour Setting up behaviour events to reflect your school’s behaviour policy, Setting up actions that staff should perform in response, Using behaviour charts to analyse patterns and monitor impact of interventions and focus groups.
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BTEC Markbooks 17/05/2018 Data Managers or Curriculum leaders responsible for setting up markbooks. Finding the relevant information in the subject specification, current grade calculations, adding marksheets for internal and external units, adding assessment criteria and using template BTEC markbooks.
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Attendance and Behaviour - Pastoral 26/06/2018 Data Managers, associate staff or personnel with School Manager access in GO 4 Schools for their establishment. Using behaviour charts to analyse patterns and monitor impact of intervention on focus groups, How to disseminate behaviour and attendance information to all staff, strategies for communicating behaviour and attendance data to parents/students.
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Middle Leaders Analysing Data 13/06/2018 Heads of Faculty/Departments or associate staff or personnel with School Manager access in GO 4 Schools for their establishment. Analysing departmental statistics to see strengths and areas of challenges, In depth analysis of individual teaching groups, triangulation of behaviour, attendance and attainment within subjects.
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Aspiring SLT 20/06/2018 Those who are new to SLT or middle leaders who are aspiring senior leaders. No previous experience of analysing data is required. Training will focus on: whole school accountability measures including key statistics at KS2, KS4 and KS5. Types of external data sets; FFT, ALPS, CATS. Approaches to target setting KS2-KS4. Tracking progress and how to evidence improvement. Focus groups and gaps in student outcomes. Accountability and embedding data in T&L. Triangulation of attendance and behaviour data. Using GO 4 Schools: residual ribbons, data explorers, snapshots, flightpaths, key statistics, details statistics and subject charts.
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Post 16 03/07/2018 Senior Leaders, Heads of Sixth form, Data Managers, Associate staff or personnel with School Manager access in GO 4 Schools for their establishment. Different ways in which sixth form data can be set up in GO 4 Schools (including a review on how your data is set up) / A review of the current 16-18 guidelines and New Measures Report and what they mean for the analysis of sixth form data moving forward / Using attributes effectively for sixth form specific analysis / Departmental and year group tracking and accountability / Demonstrating the effectiveness of intervention.
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Cost: Delegate 1 £250. Location: GO 4 Schools Office, Histon, Cambridge
New Data Manager 14/05/2018 22/05/2018 New Data Managers with no previous knowledge of GO 4 Schools Sources of data outside GO 4 Schools, KS2 data used in secondary schools, Uploading targets, School grading schemes, Introduction to markbooks, Introduction to Key Stats for KS3, KS4 and KS5, Introduction to using explorers.
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Booking form Booking form

In-house training events for SLT

SLT forum events are an opportunity for Senior leaders responsible for student outcomes and tracking to discuss approaches to managing their data. By sharing practice in the use of GO 4 Schools with senior colleagues, and information about exemplar practice viewed via school visits by our Education services consultancy team, we hope to expand your understanding of school improvement through effective use of GO 4 Schools. Additional benefits of new functionality demonstrations available in GO 4 Schools and key DfE updates ensure you are making informed decisions about interpreting and managing data in GO 4 Schools.