A smarter way of working

Better data, faster, leads to better decisions

GO 4 Schools overview

GO 4 Schools Brochure.pdf

A top-down view of the GO 4 Schools system outlining the benefits of a joined-up way of working with data.

Starter version

GO 4 G4S_Starter_2019.pdf

Keeping the school in the picture, with today's information


GO 4 Schools OnlineMarkbook.pdf

Collect and share assessments to support teaching and learning


GO 4 Schools Behaviour.pdf

Consistent, efficient, online recording of rewards and sanctions


GO 4 Schools Attendance.pdf

Record and monitor online – saving time for your staff every day


GO 4 Schools OnlineHomework.pdf

Simple, efficient setting and tracking of homework

Seating plans

GO 4 Schools OnlineHomework.pdf

Supporting learning in the classroom has never been easier

Progress reports

GO 4 Schools ProgressReports.pdf

Great-looking progress reports – without the pain

Parental engagement

GO 4 Schools ParentalAccess.pdf

Promote engagement using today's information

Mobile App

GO 4 Schools Brochure.pdf

Boost engagement with parents and students


GO 4 Schools Brochure.pdf

Much more than just a
replacement MIS

Primary school version

GO 4 Schools Primary.pdf

Track your chosen strands of learning using your own Life-after-level assessment scheme.

Trust View

GO 4 Schools Primary.pdf

The Trust view allows Trust leaders and executive head teachers to instantly access a dashboard of contextual information and key performance indicators for all schools – or for subsets of schools – in their Trust, drawn automatically from live data held in GO 4 Schools.

Governor View

GO 4 Schools Primary.pdf

The Governor View allows members of the Governing body to independently access a dashboard of key performance indicators for individual year groups and focus groups drawn from live data held in GO 4 Schools.

The complete GO 4 Schools family

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