ICT Leadership & Management Solutions

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Hyperspheric Solutions Ltd is a Capita SIMS Technical Partner. By partnering with Capita we are able to use the Reporting tools and Business Objects in SIMS to manage the exchange of information between SIMS and GO 4 Schools.

Advanced Learning

Hyperspheric Solutions Ltd is an Advanced Learning Technical Partner. By partnering with Advanced Learning we are able to bring the benefits of GO 4 Schools to schools using Facility CMIS and Progresso.


We have partnered with Wonde to provide compatibility with MISes such as ISAMS and PupilAsset.


We are “Developer – Standard” partners with ISAMS to ensure the best experience for schools using GO 4 Schools with ISAMS

Rising Stars

By partnering with RS Assessment from Hodder Education, a leading assessment provider, GO 4 Schools now includes the free Progression Frameworks to help teachers identify gaps in children’s learning across the curriculum, and summary test results from PIRA, PUMA and GAPS assessments for primary and secondary schools can be recorded