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"I have just navigated my way around the GO 4 Schools system for the first time and wanted to congratulate you! I knew what it was about but now I have had a chance to have a look as a parent I am even more impressed."
Parent and the Chair of Governors
"GO 4 Schools provides learners and parents with simple, easy to understand information that is convenient to access."
Deputy Headteacher, Chantry High School, Suffolk
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Parental Engagement module

Promoting parental engagement using today's information.

Are you realising the full benefits of online parental engagement?
Online access for parents to information about their children's education is an obvious route for schools to take to boost the opportunity for parental engagement and to reduce their costs at the same time. However, simply providing online access to termly progress reports that contain summative grades is fairly weak from the point of view of the parent; they realise that it is just the same old progress report, but online. There is so much more that can be done to provide reasons for parents to check on progress regularly and this need not generate any additional work within the school.

Why use GO 4 Schools for Parental Engagement?
With the GO 4 Schools Parental Engagement module, parents can access today's assessment, attendance and behaviour information as well as their child's timetable and progress reports. They have everything they need in one place and, crucially, what they see is in step with the latest information available within the school – not just a progress report from 6 weeks ago. It can save you significant amounts of time and money too, especially if you choose to deliver progress reports online. Just imagine, no more mail merging, printing, bagging envelopes or postage.

Key features and benefits:

  • Parents have 24/7 access to today's information about their children's education, including target grades and attendance statistics. It isn't just a portal that allows them to download progress reports twice a year.
  • If you use the GO 4 Schools Online Markbooks module parents can see real-time, subject-specific assessment information with formative assessment and access course descriptions.
  • If you use the GO 4 Schools Behaviour Tracking module parents can see real-time behaviour information. (Without this module they can still see the total number of sanction/reward points from your MIS.)
  • If you use the GO 4 Schools Progress Reports module parents can access progress reports online, either as web pages or as great-looking PDFs that they can print at home, and Report Managers can track which parents have viewed their children's reports.
  • Parents can check their children's timetable online, which helps reduce the number of forgotten PE kits, etc.
  • Parents can also use the GO 4 Schools Parental Engagement module to notify the school of changes to their contact details.
  • GO 4 Schools takes the strain off you by taking parental email addresses from your MIS and issuing passwords automatically.
  • If you use the GO 4 Schools Homework module parents can support their child's independent learning with a clear view of homework set, due dates and homework content.

If you are using GO 4 Schools for assessment, progress reports or behaviour, you should seriously consider the Parental Engagement module too. The GO 4 Schools Parental Engagement module makes it incredibly easy for parents to engage with their children's education, and requires minimal effort from your school as it draws on information that is entered for other purposes.


At a glance..

'At a glance' views show how students are doing against targets and how they have progressed during their time at the school.


View attainment information for each subject

Drill down into key subjects which may be of interest to you, viewing individual assessment grades and marks.

Parental Subjects
Viewing underlying assessment information allows parents to see what is behind the headline grades to help them understand what their child needs to work on to progress further. Progress reports and formative assessment can also be used to help them understand what their child actually needs to do to make better progress.

Attendance and behaviour

Focus specifically on certain areas within school with the Attendance, Behaviour and Report statistics.

Parental Reports
Parental attendance Parental Behaviour



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Links to other GO 4 Schools modules

The Parental Engagement module acts a portal for parents and draws information from the other GO 4 Schools modules into one place for them. The Parental Engagement module draws:

When used with the Mobile App, adding a subscription to the parental engagement module allows you to give access to the mobile app to parents as well as students.