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"Easy access to all data for staff, learners and parents both in and out of school.""
Deputy Headteacher, Chantry High School, Suffolk
"GO 4 Schools has made my job at least 30-40% easier. I can access information about a student, group or department at a click of a button."
Principal, Neale-Wade Community College, Cambridgeshire
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Core functionality

Keeping the school in the picture, with today's information

The GO 4 Schools core functionality unites information from your MIS and any GO 4 Schools modules that you are using into a powerful, incredibly easy-to-use system – online, 24/7. It provides teachers, middle leaders, the SLT and students with the very latest information they need, when they need it.
Why provide access to the latest information?
The school year can seem very short when there are attainment gaps to identify and interventions to plan and implement. Precious weeks can be lost if you have to wait for your next data collection and then jump through hoops to extract data and identify students who are not making expected progress.

Wouldn't it be great if…

  • Senior Leaders could see the latest year-group, departmental, subject and group statistics whenever they want, without help from anyone else?
  • All the cross-curricular information required to plan effective interventions was just 'there', when needed, at any time of the year?
  • Students could see their targets - and their progress against those targets - during the year, not just at progress checks. What if they could see where their strengths and weaknesses lie?
Why use GO 4 Schools to access the latest information?
Put simply – it is ease of use. For teachers, the core functionality provides instant access to their groups' progress data. With additional modules they get links to markbooks, any reports they need to contribute to, quick links to record behaviour and instant access to detailed information about any student. The senior leadership team and middle leaders have instant access to the real-time statistics and performance information they need. Students have simple access to their marks, attendance and behaviour record which drives up engagement and, through that, attainment. It's all available, online, 24/7. It makes life so much easier.

Pupil Tracking

The core functionality allows your school to store target grades and projected grades for students, as well as 'historic grades' such as KS2 results, all of which can be used as baselines for tracking academic progress. You can then use one of two approaches to tracking:

  1. If you are using the GO 4 Schools Online Markbooks module, students are tracked in real-time. As marks are entered their current working grades are checked against their targets and everyone can see - immediately - whether they are on course or not. We call this continuous tracking.
  2. If you are not using the GO 4 Schools Online Markbooks module, you can use the GO 4 Schools Progress Reports module to record current working grades at each reporting cycle. It is not as immediate as continuous tracking, but it is a more familiar situation to most schools.

Schools generally prefer continuous tracking using the GO 4 Schools Online Markbooks module. After all, why hide away information that could be useful, and why plan interventions based on stale data? Either way, students and staff can check progress quickly and easily - online, 24/7.

Read more about Pupil Tracking with GO 4 Schools.


School Statistics

We know that senior and middle leaders would rather know where they are today than where they were a few weeks ago. That's why the School Statistics calculated by GO 4 Schools are calculated in real time using the very latest data available.

  • The core functionality provides key statistics – in real time – to those that need them. Information such as GCSE pass rates, Levels of Progress, Progress 8, Attainment 8, APS and Capped APS are calculated, instantly, using the very latest assessment information available. We also support English Baccalaureate stats breakdown and the latest DFE performance measures for schools.
  • Because GO 4 Schools knows which subjects in your MIS correspond to which formal qualifications it can handle all of the complexities of working out 'GCSE equivalences' for short courses, double awards and vocational subjects etc, including discount codes, including/excluding equivalences.
  • As well as providing real-time, cross-curricular statistics for a year group (which is great for Heads of Year), there are also statistics for each department, subject and group, so middle leaders and classroom teachers are also supported. You can also look at focus groups, such as Pupil Premium, SEN, FSM, G&T etc. You can define as many additional classifications as you need, to help you analyse data by high/middle/low KS2 attainment, reading age etc.
  • If provided with exam results, GO 4 Schools will provide you with an analysis of these too - instantly.
  • Although we calculate key statistics automatically, we know that most schools will have some specific measures and key groups of their own that they are interested in. That is why we have a range of data tools such as our 'explorers' that allow you to combine data sets and then sort, filter and export them, plus tools to view charts and graphs. These are great for identifying within-school variation.
  • We never lock your data away from you. Whatever data is held in GO 4 Schools you can download and work with off line if necessary.

Assessment for Learning and Behaviour for Learning

The GO 4 Schools core functionality provides a view of assessment, attendance and behaviour information that is shared between teachers and students in the form of the 'Student Page'. The Student Page is visible to staff and the student themselves and displays:

  • Their latest assessment information
  • Their latest behaviour information
  • Their latest attendance information
  • Their timetable
  • Their progress within the current academic year
  • Their prior attainment such as KS2 levels and formal qualifications earned
We hear from schools again and again that levels of student engagement are really boosted by providing access to this information.

This 'shared view' is a real bonus when it comes to Academic Mentoring sessions, Learning Conversations, parents evening or when parents call the school unexpectedly. Everything you need to know about a student - across their whole curriculum - is at your fingertips.


Links to your MIS

  • The core functionality uses information from your MIS to determine the 'structure' of your school in terms of the year groups, subjects, tutorial groups, houses, teachers and students. There is no need for you to re-enter any of this information.
  • Information about your school's structure is updated automatically, every night. You don't need to do anything.
  • Although we read from your MIS we don't write back to it. Schools using GO 4 Schools choose us because we make it easier for everyone to access information so there is no need to write it back to their MISes. However, data can be downloaded from GO 4 Schools in a format that is simple to import if you need to.
  • At present we are compatible with SIMS, Facility CMIS, Progresso and Bromcom, but it need not be complicated to add support for additional MISes. Don't be put off if you use a different MIS – just get in touch.

GO 4 Schools builds on your existing MIS, so you can continue to benefit from the investment you have made in it.


The Technology

  • GO 4 Schools is a website, so when we release an update to the website you benefit from it immediately. You don't need to do anything at all at your end.
  • All access to privileged information in GO 4 Schools is secured using encryption, so is protected from prying eyes.
  • Our servers are located in a secure data centre and are backed-up offsite every night.
  • There is a Single-Sign-On tool available for use which allows staff and students within your school Intranet to access GO 4 Schools without having to re-enter a username and password.

We aim to remove barriers to information. We are driven by three beliefs

  1. Every one should be able to access relevant information: teachers, students, the SLT, middle leaders and parents alike.
  2. Whoever the user is, they should be able to access the latest, appropriate information, presented in a clear format, quickly and easily, online, 24/7.
  3. We should work hard to keep users' lives easy.
No wonder that headteachers, senior leaders, heads of department, classroom teachers and local authority education managers across the UK have been impressed by GO 4 Schools. Read what they say about GO 4 Schools.