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"GO 4 Schools was a massive help in enabling us to target key pupils, and as a result our Level 2 English and Maths rose by 9%."
Acting Deputy Head, West Monmouth School, Torfaen
Key statistics Key statistics by focus group Levels of progress

School statistics

GO 4 Schools is designed to give staff easy access to the information they need to help improve pupils' outcomes. We realise it is not a case of 'one size fits all'.

GO 4 Schools provides high-level statistics for the SLT, subject-level statistics for curriculum leaders and detailed information about each student for everyone's benefit.

Using these, heads of year and progress leaders can easily access the cross-curricular information they need to look for gaps in progress and to plan and monitor interventions, and curriculum leaders can easily monitor progress in their subject areas. All staff can instantly drill down and look at attainment, progress, attendance and behaviour information for an individual student as and when they need it, freeing up their time to help student outcomes.

Key statistics

GO 4 Schools allows everyone in the school to access instant, up-to-the-minute statistical information for key performance and progress measures. The statistics displayed vary intelligently according to the year group, academic year and course(s) being viewed so you see relevant statistics drawn from:

  • Progress 8, showing the average GCSE score per student against the national average and significance against the floor standard.
  • Attainment 8 showing average GCSE grade for each cohort and the average slots filled per student.
  • 5+ A*-C EM, 5+ A*-C, 5+ A*-G, etc, with and without GCSE equivalences
  • 'The Basics' - %A*-C EM, % E not M, % M not E.
  • Performance points for each subject
  • The pass rate in each KS4 and KS5 subject
  • The percentage of students making expected progress in English from KS2-KS4
  • The percentage of students making expected progress in Maths from KS2-KS4
  • The percentage of students achieving level 5 or above in each KS3 subject
  • Levels of progress made in each KS3 and KS4 subject from a baseline, e.g. from KS2
  • For KS4, the EBacc pass rate, plus the pass rates for each of the individual EBacc strands
  • For KS4, APS and Capped APS
  • For KS4, Value Added scores (best 8 plus EM), plus the scores for each of the individual EBacc strands
  • For post 16, KS5 cohort count, the average points per student and average points per entry, % A Level thresholds for A-level and Vocational cohorts.
  • Etc.

Each of these statistics is calculated separately for each headline grade that you are using in GO 4 Schools (e.g. minimum target grade, aspirational target, current working grade, projected grade, 'honest' grade, exam result, etc), so you can get a true feeling for where you should be, where you are right now, and where your staff predict you will be at the end of the year.

Key statistics A*-G
Statistics for A*-G grades
Key statistics 1-9
Statistics for 1-9 grades

Key statistics by FG
Key statistics grouped by focus group

Closing the gap and monitoring interventions

The key statistics within GO 4 Schools are broken down by focus group, such as Pupil Premium, for you automatically, so it is easy to measure and monitor the gap.

Key statistics

In fact, to save you time, GO 4 Schools collects key demographic data from your MIS each night, so your Pupil Premium, EAL, Ever6 information, etc, should always be up to date. In addition to the demographic data we take from your MIS, you can define your own custom focus groups within GO 4 Schools. Many schools use this to tag students as being on a particular intervention, allowing them to measure the gap for a custom subset of students.

All of this is live and instant, so there is no need to wait for another data collection cycle to see how you are progressing; the statistics are updated as soon as marks and grades are entered by staff. It means you are always viewing 'fresh' data and that you are always 'Ofsted ready'.

Statistics VS national average for maths

Progress checks

Although GO 4 Schools gives you 'live' data, 24/7, you can choose to capture the headlines grades at a moment in time, whether for your termly or half termly progress checks, for your end of year reports, or a monthly 'sanity check'. You can then look back at the statistics from last month or last term to see how effective your interventions are and how quickly you are closing the gap.

Progress can be tracked in GO 4 Schools from KS2 levels or uploaded baselines for all subjects. We offer the flexibility for schools to select the KS2 English/Maths calculated average to create baselines for all subjects enabling transition matrices to be viewed to check progress against the full range of school uploaded targets. Your preference may however be to upload school baselines across a range of subjects to either take priority or not over the KS2 levels.

Progress from KS2 to GCSE fine grades
Progress Life After Levels
Progress from KS2 to life after levels schemes

Changing times

As the government introduces new measures and new rules for combining qualifications, we update GO 4 Schools to reflect the changes. Rest assured that we take care of things like the downgrade of BTECs to be worth just 1 or 0 GCSE equivalent passes, the non-counting of short course GCSEs, changes to the courses that contribute to the EBacc, etc. Progress 8 and Attainment 8 calculations are available calculated from the latest DFE information.

Avg Progress 8 score per student

Life after Levels

The School based Assessment grading scheme and Internal grading scheme gives schools the opportunity to set up a new assessment methodology to track progress at KS3. Point scores can be linked to grading criteria to give equivalence to GCSE grades and below. Both schemes can be individually tailored to use school based terminology and link into the ribbons to show progress against target offered by GO 4 Schools. For more about pupil tracking in GO 4 Schools see the Pupil tracking page.



GO 4 Schools is supplied as a managed service, charged annually. The annual price depends on the size of your school and the modules you select. You can read more about pricing on our Pricing page, or contact us using the GO 4 Schools enquiry form.


Links to the GO 4 Schools modules

The statistics that GO 4 Schools calculates for you are drawn from headline grades held for students. If you subscribe to any of the optional modules, such as the behaviour or attendance modules, the additional data they bring can be seen in context alongside student progress data.