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"Just to say that I think the GO 4 Schools system is so much better than the reporting systems we have had in the past. Also, since you have taken over the reporting system, the information to staff has been much clearer so we know what to do when."
Teacher of MFL, Neale-Wade Community College, Cambridgeshire
"Within 4 hours of publishing Progress reports yesterday the parents of 483 students had logged in to view the reports."
Data Manager, Sponne School
Reports Reports

Progress Reports module

Great-looking progress reports without the pain

GO 4 Schools takes a fundamentally different approach to producing progress reports. The Progress Reports module was designed from the ground to make things as easy as possible for teachers, report managers and parents. With GO 4 Schools you can write, quality assure and deliver reports online, or produce great-looking PDF documents to print for parents if you are not quite ready to go 'fully online'.
Why use the Web to write and deliver progress reports online?
If you are going to deliver reports to parents online, it makes sense for the whole process to be done online. It benefits teachers as they can write and check reports wherever they are, 24/7 and it brings efficiency savings as there is no need to move data and documents from one system to another to make it available to parents.

Why use GO 4 Schools to write and deliver progress reports via the web?
Report Managers told us about the difficulties they face with existing software: inadequate checking tools, problems copying data between systems, not knowing whether all reports have been started yet, not to mention the time and cost of mail merging, printing, addressing and bagging envelopes. Teachers gave a clear message - they wanted the process to be simpler and they wanted to be able to work from home. Streamlining the report-writing process for everyone and delivering great-looking progress reports quickly and efficiently has been the driver for the GO 4 Schools Progress Reports module.

Report writing

Key features and benefits:

  • Creating a new set of reports takes seconds. Report Managers can choose whether to collect comments from teachers and whether to exclude any subjects or students.
  • Report Managers can set up as many 'Pick lists' as necessary, e.g. Attitude to Learning and use them in whichever progress reports they want.
  • If you use the GO 4 Schools Online Markbooks module, summative grades from markbooks feed straight through into progress reports so there is no need for teachers to 'guestimate' summative grades or copy them from other systems.
  • Staff can create and share comment banks that are sensitive to student names, gender, etc., and can use these to pre-fill the comment-writing area.
  • The spell checker helps identify the inevitable typos. If you spot a typo in a report post-publication, all is not lost - you can still correct it online.
  • The user interface guides staff towards reports that need their input so they know what needs doing and by when.
  • The peer-review process allows reports to be approved or flagged for attention if they do not meet your policy, e.g. for the inclusion of a curricular target.
  • You can check on progress by staff at any time, e.g. to check in real-time who has started their reports, whose have been approved and whose have been flagged. This is a huge benefit when it comes to hitting deadlines, especially if staff are absent.
  • You can check that every report has a full set of data (current grade, target grade, etc.) before you even think about publishing them and you can preview reports at any stage to check how they will look.
  • If you don't need any input from teachers – e.g. you are using the Online Markbook module to provide grades and don't want written comments – you can produce a full set of interim reports from scratch in 30 seconds flat.
  • The standard GO 4 Schools report template looks great and is all most schools ever need. You can choose the elements you want to include in the finished report, including attendance statistics, behaviour statistics, current grades, target grades, projected grades, progress during the year, etc.
  • Built in report display options including portrait and landscape template options for full progress reports and data reports.
  • GO 4 Schools can display custom indicators, too, such as "On target" which some schools are using at KS3 as they are moving away from National Curriculum sublevels.
  • If you use the GO 4 Schools Parental Engagement module you can publish reports to parents online to save on printing, postage and administration costs. Otherwise, you can produce great looking PDFs that you can print and post as usual. An added benefit of the GO 4 Schools Parental Engagement module is that it allows you to track which parents have viewed which reports and which have not.
  • If you publish reports to students they can view these online as part of the Assessment for Learning aspects of the GO 4 Schools Hub.
  • Staff have instant access to student reports and progress on the student-focussed page within the GO 4 Schools Hub.
  • The Report Explorer allows you to analyse the data collected in a set of reports, right down to things like the Attitude to Learning score for a student in a specific subject.
The GO 4 Schools Progress Reports module takes the strain out of producing progress reports.


GO 4 Schools is supplied as a managed service, charged annually. The annual price depends on the size of your school and the modules you select. You can read more about pricing on our Pricing page, or contact us using the GO 4 Schools enquiry form.


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