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Management Information System (MIS)

As requested by many of our customers, we are now working on the development of online MIS functionality for those schools that are looking at alternatives to their current MIS. Our aim is to offer schools first-class functionality across the board, in a single, joined-up online system that lowers school overheads, streamlines their processes, and makes more time available for everyone to help students.

Whether you are an existing customer or a new one, using GO 4 Schools as an add-on rather than a replacement for your MIS will always continue to be an option if that is your preference.

Why use the GO 4 Schools cloud-based MIS?
Cloud-based systems offer numerous advantages – such as lower costs, simpler access, timely software updates, less downtime and improved security – over traditional ‘on-premises’ or ‘remotely-hosted’ systems. The GO 4 Schools MIS offers all of these benefits, saving your school time and money:
  • Fewer systems for staff, meaning fewer passwords to manage, simpler training and improved communication of key data.
  • Simpler and cheaper access to your information – a cloud-based MIS can be accessed via any Internet connection – at work or home - on less powerful machines such as Chromebooks, which don’t need software updates every time the MIS is updated.
  • Simpler IT infrastructure and reduced costs – a cloud-based MIS doesn’t require you to procure, manage and backup powerful severs, or pay someone else for the privilege.
  • Updates to the MIS are made available to you automatically, without delay.

Staged migration

The GO 4 Schools MIS functionality has an extra trick up its sleeve: you can perform a staged migration. If you choose to perform a staged migration, you can choose to take several months – or more – over your MIS migration, gradually reducing your use of your existing MIS and increasing your use of GO 4 Schools. Given that ‘changing everything at once’ can be daunting and there is rarely a single day, week or even month when existing contracts come to an end, this strategy can really make a difference. It can take the pressure of you, save you money, and allow you to focus on one process at a time, potentially using the change as an opportunity to review and refresh school procedures in line with your strategic improvement plans.

Alternatively, you may prefer a single-step migration. Either way, we’ll work with you to make sure it all goes smoothly.


Key features and benefits:

  • Student records – admissions, home and parental contact details, medical and dietary information, photos, SEND and exclusions administration, CTF file import and export, etc.
  • Session attendance recording and analysis – quick and simple online recording and analysis of session attendance information.
  • Censuses for students and the workforce – online compilation, checking and submission.
  • Exam entries and results – manage exam entries, produce exam timetables for students and record and analyse exam results online.
  • Staff records – contact details, DBS checks, working patterns, absence, etc.
  • Calendar for school events – share details of parents’ evenings, open evenings, sporting events, governors’ meetings, etc., with staff, students and parents.
  • Timetables – import timetables from popular timetabling software.

Core functionality - School performance

  • Progress tracking with headline grades, with unlimited timestamped ‘snapshots’ – to allow you to track cohort progress and interventions throughout the year using the functionality of the Starter version, with support for custom grading and residual schemes for lower key stages, and in situ data dashboards and analytics for staff.
  • In situ key performance indicators for all key stages in real-time (Progress 8, Attainment 8, L3VA, EBacc, Scaled score, etc), with breakdowns by key focus groups: (Pupil Premium, disadvantaged, etc.), and school-defined groups.
  • Trust views - Access to instant comparative data for schools in the Trust using GO 4 Schools, to help you identify and share best practice.
  • Governor's view - Instant, self-service access to KPIs for your school, saving you time, and helping your governors prepare for data meetings, leading to more effective governance.
  • Custom reporting with powerful data explorers.
  • API access for other software.

Core functionality - Data security

  • GDPR compliance – so you know how carefully we look after your data for you.
  • On-demand web-based access to data means less is downloaded and stored locally where it is at risk of accidental disclosure if a laptop or USB drive goes missing.

Online modules

Add-on modules allow you to tailor your subscription to meet your school’s needs, so you only pay for what you want, and you can add modules when you are ready, e.g. when other contracts expire.

Choose from:

  • Assessment – the core functionality includes tracking and analysis of headline grades, but you can add the Online markbooks module to allow you to track the detailed assessment information that gives you – and all of your colleagues – extra insight to support student progress and interventions.
  • Attendance – the core functionality includes tier 1 and tier of the Attendance module (recording and analysis of session marks), but you can add tier 3 as an extra if you want to track detailed lesson attendance.
  • Behaviour – the Behaviour module allows efficiently implement your school’s behaviour, bringing speed and consistency to the recording and analysis of rewards and sanctions.
  • Homework – the Homework module allows you to support independent study for all students with core and extension homework, all available to students and parents online to help you reduce your reprographic spending.
  • Seating plans – the Seating plans module allows your staff to access up-to-the-minute attainment, attendance, behaviour and focus group information about the students they are teaching to help deliver the very best personalised learning for them.
  • Progress reports – the Seating plans module was designed from the ground to make things as easy as possible for teachers, report managers and parents. With GO 4 Schools you can write, quality assure and deliver reports online, or produce great-looking PDF documents to print for parents if you are not quite ready to go 'fully online'.
  • Parental engagement – the Parental engagement module gives parents 24/7 access to today's information about their children's education, including target and progress grades, attendance statistics and, with add-on modules, detailed assessment information, behaviour events, homework, etc..
  • Mobile App – the Mobile App provides simple, efficient communication of key information to students and parents via their preferred means of communication. Push notifications for absences, late marks, upcoming homework and recent behaviour events (both positive and negative) supports ongoing engagement


GO 4 Schools is supplied as a managed service, charged annually. The annual price depends on the size of your school and the modules you select. You can read more about pricing on our Pricing page, or contact us using the GO 4 Schools enquiry form.