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Hub Schools Network

Accelerating improvement together

The GO 4 Schools Hub Network is a new venture drawing upon the expertise of our more experienced and established users to support other schools to develop their use of GO 4 Schools.

What can Hub Schools offer?

Hub Network Schools can plan pro-active support for schools across their region, delivered by an on-site super-user of GO 4 Schools. They are regularly updated on new features as they become live and offer superb training facilities. Enhanced CPD opportunities build and strengthen the opportunities for like-minded professionals with a passion for raising achievement.

How Hub Schools can support new users

If you are considering using GO 4 Schools to enhance your effective use of data, the Hub School in your region can showcase aspects of GO 4 Schools including: Online Markbooks, Attendance, Behaviour, Parental Engagement and Progress Reports. A demonstration of the value of real-time school statistics and how the Hub School uses this to respond with immediate and effective interventions across key groups is a powerful experience.

Continued Professional Development

Hub Schools will plan a calendar of events including demonstrations of GO 4 Schools and events to demonstrate their best practice in the use of data. Whether you need to renew your awareness of specific features in GO 4 Schools or wish to see a proven methodology for setting up and applying specific functionality, Hub School training events are high quality, well received and offer excellent value for money.

Our first events:

Cambridgeshire Hub Schools - Neale Wade Academy

Knowledge share: A New Curriculum and Assessment Scheme Developed in Response to Life after Levels.

The event was fully booked with 20 delegates, and covered the Academy's journey to their new curriculum, including key aspects of the implementation at SLT level and the Curriculum Leaders perspective. 100% rated the content of sessions – showing structure and implementation of Life after Levels – as Good or Better.

Feedback comments include:

"The ways of reverse engineering the curriculum and making sure staff as well as students are GCSE ready was particularly useful."

Northamptonshire Hub School - Sponne School

Presentation event; an overview of the school's implementation and use of GO 4 Schools.

Eight delegates from 5 schools attended, including a mix of new users and potential users of GO 4 Schools.

Hub Schools Calendar

Sponne School

Sponne School

Activity Description Date
CPD event Using Go 4 Schools to its full potential - focus groups, reports, mark books, tracking. View event flyer View event flyer 09/03/2017
Presentation Sponne based. View event flyer View event flyer 28/04/2017
CPD event Exams Analysis and Preparing for the new academic year. View event flyer View event flyer Event booking form Event booking form 04/05/2017
Presentation Sponne based. View event flyer View event flyer 22/06/2017
CPD event Exams Analysis and Preparing for the new academic year. View event flyer View event flyer Event booking form Event booking form 19/06/2017
Denton Community college

Denton Community College

Activity Description Date
Presentation Denton based. View event flyer View event flyer 09/05/2017
Hub School CPD event booking form Hub School CPD event booking form

Hub Schools

Neale Wade Academy

Neale Wade Academy, Cambridgeshire

"We use GO 4 Schools to inform us on all aspects of academy development. We use statistics to drive forward our progress in all subjects by using the information to target underachieving students and employ our raising attainment strategies. We use the attendance and behaviour modules to keep track of the barriers to learning and to evaluate the progress of new initiatives and strategies for success. Attainment at the Academy has improved significantly along with attendance and the incidents of poor behaviour have fallen sharply."
Sponne School

Sponne School, Northamptonshire

"We believe that GO 4 schools is an excellent product that could enhance the data intelligence and performance of schools at all levels, ensuring that staff, students and parents work together to achieve the best outcomes. As part of our teaching school status, where we find that schools at both primary and secondary levels are looking for training in the use of interpretation of data, effective and efficient data solutions are sought after. We are able to offer seminars, conferences and training sessions for up to 30 delegates for both primary and secondary."
Thurston Community College

Thurston Community College, Suffolk

"Long-term objective: To pioneer the use of GO 4 Schools as an integral tool for supporting student progress, attainment and achieving equality of academic opportunity across our student community. Preferred Geographical Area: East of England (primarily Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridge and Essex). Would look to provide support to both the Primary and Secondary phases."
Oriel High School

Oriel High School, West Sussex

"We are hoping to be able to support other schools in their use of GO 4 Schools. It has revolutionised our understanding and use of data and we would like to support others in this. We are able to support schools across the South East, particularly South of London. Our experience is mainly secondary but we are happy to support primary colleagues also."
Bluecoat Academy

Bluecoat Academy, Nottinghamshire

"At Bluecoat Academy we would like to share our expertise and knowledge with others, as well as gaining useful information from other schools and Academies. We have worked closely with GO 4 Schools from first buying the product and would like to continue this by developing it to fit all of the new initiatives required in education, e.g. Life without levels. Our staff use GO 4 Schools daily for behaviour, attendance and assessment and therefore it is vital for us that we are confident in its use and development. Preferred location for coverage would be East Midlands. Happy to offer to schools across this remit who are interested. Our Primary have just started to use it so we are developing its use here. Our main expertise lies in Key Stage 3-5."
RSA Academy

RSA Academy, West Midlands

"One of our core beliefs at the RSA Academy is that the power to transform education comes when schools collaborate. An active research and development culture can be found at the heart of our School and we use GO 4 Schools to support it. For a long time we have tried to find an effective MIS system flexible enough to meet our requirements, we believe we have found it in GO 4 Schools. GO 4 Schools has completely changed the way we access and use our data, moving the focus of data analysis discussions from "crunching the numbers" to impact and how to get the best outcomes for our students. We would like to share the journey we’ve been on with as many schools as possible in the hopes of fostering good relationships with colleagues who are happy to share best practice."
Denton Community college

Denton Community College

"At Denton Community College we use GO 4 Schools to track and monitor student attainment, assist in managing student behaviour and to view attendance. Two years in, we find the system to be user friendly, easy to operate and are considering additional modules. The flexibility of GO 4 Schools allows us to look at new ways of working. We are developing our markbooks to accommodate Life without Levels which will in turn enable teachers to move away from intense data input and place a stronger focus on teaching and learning. We would like to share our experience with other schools and continue to develop our knowledge of the GO 4 Schools system."

If you are an existing GO 4 Schools user and have the experience and skills set in your team to offer a service to other schools supporting and promoting GO 4 Schools Hub Ethos and gaining financial incentives in return please send queries to our Educational Services Lead: .