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GO 4 Schools - Governor View

GO 4 Schools is an online software system used in 100s of schools across England and Wales. As well as helping schools work faster and smarter with real-time, online collection and analysis of attainment and progress data, it offers joined-up modules for attendance, assessment, behaviour, progress reports, seating plans and homework to help schools embed the use of student data in their day to day decision making.

Many of the schools and academies that already reap the benefits of GO 4 Schools have expressed a desire to give their Governors access to the same strategic overview of headline data that they have. Giving Governors instant, independent, online access to the school's KPIs and focus-group analyses will save the school time by reducing the number of reports they need to prepare for Governors, but will also allow the Governors to better prepare for data meetings, leading to more effective governance.

The GO 4 Schools Governor view is designed to deliver those benefits. With the Governor view enabled for your school, Governors and the Headteacher are able to view up-to-date key data from your school in easy-to-view charts and tables of underlying data. It allows instant analysis and review of consistent, time-stamped data sets without having to gather and compare information from several sources - saving both the Governors and the school time. The self-service nature of GO 4 Schools allows Governors to independently monitor data trends and track key focus groups that may be of specific interest in their school's context.

Key benefits to rolling out GO 4 Schools across academy trusts:

  • Up-to-the-minute data - GO 4 Schools offers up-to-the-minute analysis of data without the need for downloads and uploads to other software. Statistics for all Key Stages, such as Progress 8 and Attainment 8 at KS4, are available for schools based on the DfE's current guidance. All data is immediately available for review and analysis in situ the moment it is recorded.
  • Trends - View trends over time from data that builds up over the year from data collected in the school's reporting cycle, and optionally include today's data, too, for the most up-to-the-minute information.
  • Triangulate data - GO 4 Schools offers statistical analysis of individual elements of school wide data. It also offers the opportunity to triangulate this data from class, subject, department and year group levels, and to include behaviour and attendance information alongside progress and attainment data to help identify barriers to learning. The 360° view of data can be incorporated into strategic seating plans to inform teaching in the classroom.
  • Identify key interest groups - Monitor progress and the impact of interventions on key government groups such as Disadvantaged students and on school-defined groups, such as those involved in a literacy intervention or White British Disadvantaged boys.
  • Analyse data patterns across the school - Review data across the school, enabling comparison between areas such as Progress 8 elements, highlighting successes and looking at areas for improvement where intervention is needed and best practise can be shared.
  • One stop solution - Save staff time (and save schools money) - not least in terms of training new staff - by having them use one system for attendance, behaviour, assessment, seating plans and homework.
  • Online access for all - As an online product, GO 4 Schools can be accessed from a computer, smart phone or tablet with an internet connection. Parents can access students' information and reports (if desired by the school) via the parent site. Students can also be given access to their information. Many of our schools save significant amounts of money by issuing reports online through the parent portal.
  • Earlier key stages - GO 4 Schools is fully 'Life after Levels' (LaL) ready. Our schools have implemented a wide variety of schemes for tracking at KS1-3 that are suited to their individual contexts. The bespoke nature of the system not only helps schools to construct the right LaL programme for them, but also supports transition between schools and equips secondary schools with more diagnostic data on pupils. For instance, GO 4 Schools helps schools monitor progress by automatically calculating the percentage of students achieving each level in the school's LaL scheme, with the analysis extending to key focus-groups. This helps them plan interventions with students immediately, aiding the battle against the Key Stage 3 dip.
  • Use our experience - All of our consultants are ex-secondary senior leaders, and have worked with schools across the country supporting their ongoing implementation of GO 4 Schools, sharing knowledge, experience and good-practice nationally.
  • Working in partnership with you - During a time in education where data requirements are ever changing, we believe that partnering with a wide range of schools over a sustained amount of time is essential to make sure we understand and support the nuances in the way different schools work with data. We aim to have regular contact with our customers to understand the issues they face with data. Dr Clarke comments on the relationship between GO 4 Schools and the Grace Academies Trust.
" The company has its finger on the pulse and appears to be leading us at times with so many changes in accountability measures being introduced at a national level! However, when suggestions are made for improvements, these are listened to and frequently put in place "
Dr Jamie Clarke, CEO Grace Academy
KPI table and bar charts

Key performance indicators can be quickly viewed. Quick links to OfSted and the DfE Schools comparison website make analysing your current data with official reported data easier to manage.

Governors, focus group charts Focus groups with confidence intervals

Data dashboard views of Progress 8, Attainment 8, EBacc and The Basics English and Maths measures by key focus groups including gender, SEND, Pupil Premium is invaluable for tracking in-school gaps to support schools in positive and shared intervention strategies.


The GO 4 Schools Governor view is available free to the Board of Governors of any school that has an active GO 4 Schools subscription.

For schools, GO 4 Schools is supplied as a managed service, charged annually. The annual price depends on the size of each school and the modules selected, with the entry-level Starter version costing just £1,250 per annum + VAT.

You can read more about pricing on our Pricing page, or contact us using the GO 4 Schools enquiry form.

Links to other GO 4 Schools modules

The statistics that GO 4 Schools calculates for you are drawn from headline grades held for students. If you subscribe to any of the optional modules, such as the behaviour or attendance modules, the additional data they bring can be seen in context alongside student progress data.