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"GO 4 Schools allows us to have academic information alongside the behavioural data that can help inform discussions with parents and students about overall achievement."
Deputy Headteacher, Abbey College, Cambridgeshire
Behaviour graphs

Behaviour module

Consistent, efficient, online recording of rewards and sanctions with detention management.

The GO 4 Schools Behaviour module has been designed from the ground up to remove the obstacles to efficiently implementing your school's Behaviour Policy online.
Why use software to support your Behaviour Policy?
We hear from many that schools that their current behaviour policies focus too much on the negative and use paper-based logging that is inefficient and does little to shine a light on underlying patterns. Recording occasional negative behaviour is just about manageable without software, but if you want to regularly and frequently reward positive behaviour too you will soon realise that you need a different approach. Using rubber stamps in the classroom to record positive behaviour can be quick and easy at the outset, but it is really just the start of what can be a time consuming process later on. What you really need is an end-to-end software solution to help you manage the volume of information.

Why use the GO 4 Schools Behaviour module to track behaviour via the web?
The GO 4 Schools Behaviour module has been developed with input from a local school that has had phenomenal success with their behaviour management. The module encourages the recording of positive behaviour in recognition that praise and reward are important factors in developing a culture of motivation, self esteem and achievement. But it also helps to identify those students who are regularly disrupting learning at a very low level – the sort of disruption that would not always be recorded on paper-based behaviour logs. GO 4 Schools reveals the relationship between attitude and success, demonstrating that improvements in behaviour lead to rewards and attainment.
Our focus has been on ease of use for staff, students and parents and we have done everything we can to deliver simplicity for everyone while also delivering power and flexibility for behaviour managers and pastoral leaders. And because GO 4 Schools is online, staff, students and parents have access to the latest information whenever they want it via the web. To further enhance your behaviour management processes, we have now included functionality to allocate students to detention sessions and notify both students and parents of these, so high level behaviour incidents can be targeted and interventions more easily managed.

Display behaviour events grouped by classification in easily comparable pie charts, line charts and bar charts.

Behaviour charts

Key features and benefits:

  • The Behaviour Manager can express the school's Behaviour Policy in terms of the positive and negative events (rewards/sanctions) that need recording and the actions that staff should perform in response to those events.
  • Staff no longer have to refer to policy documents, they simply choose a type of event to record and the Behaviour module indicates the appropriate immediate and follow-up actions they should perform.
  • Teachers can choose a specific group, time and room directly from their timetable, speeding up the whole process.
  • Events can be linked to multiple students and staff.
  • Rewards can be recorded for students in a group in just a few seconds, which is so important if you want this to happen in the classroom.
  • The recording process provided by the GO 4 Schools Behaviour module brings consistency across the school and consistency over time. This reinforces the Behaviour Policy in the eyes of staff, students and parents.
  • As soon as an event is recorded for a student, the GO 4 Schools Behaviour module automatically fills in their house, tutorial group, year group so that pastoral leaders (and others) always have real-time access to the very latest information about their students' behaviour. This makes an enormous difference to the ease with which information about events can be shared – no more sheets of paper to be handed around in triplicate to be filed away and never seen again.
  • Instant behaviour charts allow you to view trends over time and to drill down into focus groups.
  • The Behaviour Explorer makes it a breeze to view details of events by date range, tutorial group, house, year group, subject, room, teacher etc.
  • Summary behaviour information appears alongside assessment and attendance data within the GO 4 Schools Core Functionality, providing a rounded view of students.
  • All staff have instant access to details of recent behaviour events for students, as well as access to a statistical analysis of patterns and full details of each event.
  • Email notifications can be set up to request behaviour information relating to students within specific groups, or relating to specific event types.
  • The Behaviour Manager can set a policy for staff to specify minimum levels of rewards that should be issued.
  • The Behaviour Manager can set targets for students and track how they are performing against those targets.
  • Students can view information about their own rewards and sanctions and can see how they compare against their peers.
  • If you use the GO 4 Schools Parental Engagement module, parents can receive a summary email on days when events have been recorded for their students.
  • Set up detention sessions and isolation sessions and then duplicate your timetable for these sessions across future weeks, add in detention location and supervisor details for each session.
  • As staff record behaviour events that link to a managed detention the student can automatically be added to a detention pool to then be allocated to a specific detention session.
  • Allocate students by Year group, subject or event type into different detention sessions, this will create a register for each detention supervisor to manage attendance and completion of the detention session.
  • Parents and students can view detention sessions via the parent and student site and also receive email notifications, additionally if they are using the mobile App notifications for detentions can be sent to inform them of upcoming detentions.
The GO 4 Schools Behaviour module can bring your behaviour policy to life in the eyes of staff, students and parents. Seeing behaviour information alongside attainment and attendance information provides a powerful 'rounded' view for all and reveals underlying patterns immediately.
Behaviour trend with data

Detention management - sessions

Detention management - allocation

Detention management - register


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Note that if you don't use the GO 4 Schools Behaviour module GO 4 Schools can still display summary behaviour information drawn from your MIS in the form of total positive points and total negative points.